Al Wadeed Enterprises

Al Wadeed Enterprises is a leading manufacturer, and exporter for almost a complete range of Towels. We are fine quality producers of towels being weaved on Dyna Terry / Shuttle less looms up to 600 gsm quality in different colors as well as whites for institutional purposes.  Recognized to an advanced management system, our company has been qualified to attain international quality standards and serve for more than significant happy associates and customers. We are ISO-9001 , ISO-14001, OHASA-18001 and BSCI compliance company, Regarding the quality we have Oeko-Tex Class 1 & Class 2 valid certificates.

Al Wadeed has been able to produce of value added Towels from Pakistan with a special emphasis on blended and yarn dyed fabrics. At Al Wadeed, efforts are made to strive and grow through learning, continuous improvement, and innovation. The company, being considered an even safer place to buy worldly recognized standards, takes the utmost care of every process of production. Al Wadeed Enterprises is well known for the commitment of timely delivering the quality towel with superior and best known customer service at competitive prices.

At Al Wadeed customers are given more value than anything else. It has been the vision of the company to attend customers at any level to clear (if any) doubts about anything before starting any kind of business. The customer service representatives at Al Wadeed are specially trained, and are only hired for the best satisfaction of company’s associates which has rewarded the company with a customer friendly support through the entire business where boundary of Al Wadeed extends.